Performance art films exploring creative block

How does it feel to be stuck? Is there a way to experience it without feeling worthless? Can the body in motion help?

Stuckness is a two-year collaboration with University of the Arts London that strives to reframe creative block. Through workshops, performances and films, we intend to offer a new vernacular for discussing this frustrating and disorientating state.

We see being stuck in your work not as something to turn away from, but rather to be understood, challenged and moved through.


Solving Your Problems

A movement film articulating problem solving

Performance artist Daisy Smith uses simple movements to express resistance experienced while trying to progress. We frequently form our own barriers, and in these instances we must observe the difficulty before realising an alternate approach.

The short film forms part of Stuckness, a commission from University of the Arts London to explore student attitudes to creative block, and offer innovative film content and workshops in response to the research.

Stuckness: Being Lost

Live performance with post-show reflection

Central St Martins performance artists translate the sensation of creative block into games and movements. Bombardment, internal struggle and uncertainty are pulled into focus.

We worked with the group over a number of weeks to extract their thoughts on feeling stuck, and consider how they might change their relationship with the sensation.

Common Sense

A video guide to being a person

If we could teach - or learn - how to be human, what would the lesson be? Do we strive to understand the most intellectual charactertistics, or savour the mundane that make us who we are? 

Five video vignettes form a guide on the imperfect, inexplicable nature of being a human. We could teach how to pick up a felt marker and colour, but can we teach the impulse and pointlessness of what to draw? The short is soundtracked to our species’ greatest cerebral asset - Youtube tutorials.