David McGovern

David McGovern is a director, editor and creative based in Ireland. His work centres on reflective, highly-personal moments; using moving image to explore our inner experiences and express how things feel. In his short films, he adopts freeze frames, blurs and distortions to allow the viewer the opportunity to pause and contemplate.

In addition to his freelance filmmaking, he lectures in moving image at University of the Arts London, including Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art and Design. He encourages students and staff to have a fluid, alternative approach to short film.

At London College of Fashion he is the head of the fashion film short course. Using both theory and practice, the course plays with the ambiguity of fashion film, encouraging the students to widen the definition rather than narrow it. He believes that fashion films should have a conscience and a purpose, even if that purpose is escapism and wonder. His expertise of the topic has led him to judge and speak at a number of fashion film festivals globally.

David also works at The Future Laboratory in East London. He examines and abstractly communicates the trends and strategy through video content, as well as developing site-specific installations of future scenarios.

For inquiries, email contact@davidm.tv